Access Dreamfactory Enterprise development server (DF hosted)

I have searched high and low for information on how to SSH into the dreamfactory dev environment with no luck

There is, of course, information on how to connect to a server you set up yourself (at amazon or what have you) located here:

But this does not help me for the development environment

Has anyone else been able to do that (I have tried just pointing putty at my instance and playing around with different ports, protocols, etc - no go)

There is no ssh access for hosted system users. What are you trying to do? Maybe we can help.

I am trying to figure out how to get my application files into the apache public folder so I can server it from the dev box as I am doing on my local installation

Per the instructions posted, I am storing the files here ‘C:/Bitnami/dreamfactory-2.0.2-0/apps/dreamfactory/htdocs/public/’

How do i get large file sets like this on the (dev/hosted) box?

Ben, you can used the Files API (UI is on the Files tab of the admin interface) to upload application files. As with the sample app you’ll need to make the files public by adding the folder path to the Public Path of the files service config. (Services->Files->Config, see screenshot)