Add ODBC Driver for IBMi (AS400)

im testing dreamfactory and i want to build an small API on top of IBMi (AS400).

could you add this driver or at least explain me if i can do it?

What are you connecting to on the IBM i server? A database such as DB2?

The link you provided appears to be a package for Laravel. Since DreamFactory 1.x is based on Yii and not Laravel, I’m not sure I can explain to you how to adapt it.


I can see that it is possible to use php_pdo_ibm.dlll.

i check the documentation, but this driver doesnt work on PHP 5.5.25

i didnt find any other PDO for 64Bits windows and php 5.5.

This is the reason the service were not connecting to the AS400 Db2,

I I guess i will need to downgrade php to 5.4 to make it work, but i guess this will affect to DF.

So it is DB2? I recommend our blog post on connecting to a DB2 database. Bitnami provides the PDO_IBM module already compiled in PHP 5.5.25, so it would appear that it is indeed possible in your current version of PHP. If you do need to downgrade PHP, DreamFactory is fine on 5.4.0 and above.