Unable to connect to Db2 database

Hi I have installed Dreamfactory on a windows machine and then I tried to create a service to configure my DB2 remote database and received the following message
Required extension or module ‘ibm_db2’ is not installed or loaded.
Not sure how to proceed further. Please let me know how to load the extension

Hi I was able to resolve the issue related to ibm_db2 by downloading the relevant dll. Now i hit with another issue

Required PDO driver ‘ibm’ is not installed or loaded properly.

My Dreamfactory version is Bitnami Dreamfactory Stack 2.1.1-2
PHP version inside is 5.6.19

Please suggest how I can load the right dll for PDO.

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There’s an issue related to the DB2 driver and PHP version. We’re trying to get this fixed for the next release in a couple of weeks. If this is urgent perhaps we could provide a patch before the actual release date. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks for the reply Todd.

I think it will be very helpful if you could provide the patch so that atleast I can start evaluating the product from my side.


Quick question. Do we still hit with the same issue if we try to install Linux version of dreamfactory and setup to connect
to remote DB2 database.

Yes, same issue. I’m going to talk to the engineers about it and try to get an ETA for you.

Thank you Todd. Waiting for your reply.

Hi Todd,

I know its too early but I would like to check if there is any update from your side.


We should be able to have this working again with PHP 5 by the end of May.


Just want to make sure the fix that you said will be available by end of May is it applicable for Free version of Dreamfactory also ? Coz from the products overview page I see IBM DB2 is allowed only for silver package onwards.
Please clarify.

You’re correct that when the next release (2.2) goes live in a few weeks, DB2 will no longer be one of the free services.

We don’t get many requests for it, which is why it hasn’t gotten the attention it needed to be working with 2.1.x. If you continue to use 2.1.x you still get all the services it supports, including the ones that are no longer free in 2.2.

Sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you. This was not intentional, just bad timing between our DB2 service not working properly and the introduction of the paid packages.

Hi Todd,

Any update on this thread ?

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2.2 is now available on GitHub. The DB2 service type has been fixed.

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Hi Todd,

As you know that I am evaluating the product and looks like (and as you told) the IBM Db2 version is now under subscription mode from 2.2 onwards. Is there any way I can evaluate this product without going for the paid version. Is Db2 service type is fixed in 2.1.2 version ? Please let me know my options.


You can try all of the paid services by creating a trial instance at dreamfactory.com. After you complete the signup form it’ll take you straight to your new instance where you can create a new DB2 service to experiment with.