Custom User Settings

I am just wondering what the “Custom User Settings” in REST API are for (and mostly how to use them). I can’t find an example anywhere. setCustomSettings(), getCustomSettings(), etc. I was hoping to add a few fields in User (otherwise I will have to do user management in SQL tables).


Each user has their own custom settings consisting of name-value pairs. The REST API allows you to access these settings for the currently logged in user. For example you can create some custom settings like this:

POST /rest/user/custom with POST data = {"real_first_name":"Bob","real_last_name":"Smith"}

Now you can get all settings for the current user:

GET /rest/user/custom

Or get a single setting for the current user:

GET /rest/user/custom/real_first_name

You can update or add a single setting for the current user:

POST /rest/user/custom with POST data = {"real_first_name":"Joe"}

You can also delete settings but only one at a time:

DELETE /rest/user/custom/real_first_name
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Thanx Todd. That is exactly what I was hoping for :slight_smile:


Can I access as admin, to the custom user settings of any user ?

Yes. User settings are not exposed in the admin console, but they are available to admin users (or other users with role access to /system/user) via the API.

GET /rest/system/user?fields=user_data

I moved a post to an existing topic: How to use iOS SDK SWGCustomSettings to set Custom Values

My custom settings are:
“0”: 0,
“1”: 0,
When I attempt delete the first setting from DF live API (0) I get the error message:“Deleting all custom settings is not currently supported.”

(No problem with setting 1)

You cannot have custom user settings with numerical field names (even numbers in quotes, e.g. “15”). This is a limitation that applies to 1.x only. In DreamFactory 2.0, the ability to name custom user settings with numbers or numerical strings is added.