App requirements

hi… i am planning to develop an android app for buyers/renters , sellers/brokers to sell/buy/rent the lands/apartments/bungalow. please suggest the features as a user

Hi @Aayush_rangwala, welcome to the DreamFactory community! While I’m glad you’ve chosen to use DreamFactory to develop your real estate app, I also want to make sure you get the best input possible. What I mean is this: the community here is mainly comprised of developers and users of DreamFactory, not necessarily people who are in the real estate industry or market. Your research may be better served by posting in real estate communities, asking questions like, “If you had a mobile app that would connect you as a buyer to available sellers and brokers in your area, what features would you like it to have?” and “What would make you start using an app like this, and what might make you stop using it?”

Either way, good luck with your endeavor! If you need any help with DreamFactory, just let me know.