Appcelerator Titanium Example needed

Can someone provide me with an example code showing how to bind the makerequest with a tableview.
I am struggling , can’t get it to work.

THis is what is have so far. I am using the Alloy framework

//*** NOTE : If you run these in the same controller you’ll only need to do the following line once.

var Promise = require(‘Promise’);
var dreamfactory = require(‘dreamfactory’);
dreamfactory.makeRequest(“GET”, “/system/user”).then(function(response) {;

var people = JSON.parse(response.record);
 var items = [];
_.each(people, function(person) {
        first_name : {
            text : person.first_name
        last_name : {
            text : person.last_name


}, function(error) {;

View is this

    <Window class="container" title="Planner List" id="plannerlist" >
        <ListView  id="elementsList">
                <ItemTemplate name="template1" id="template1">
                    <View id="lstTemplateView" layout="vertical">
                        <Label bindid="first_name" id="first_name"></Label>
                        <Label bindid="last_name" id="last_name"></Label>

        <Widget src="nl.fokkezb.loading" id="loading" />

DreamFactory is integrated with so many platforms and development environments, I’m not sure you’ll find a high enough concentration of Titanium users here to help you. Does Titanium have forums for this? Or perhaps Stack Overflow could help.