AWS Bitnami File permissions are read only

I am trying to edit the .env file and upload scripts to the script directory. I am using FileZilla and or PuTTy but the directories and files are read only and do not allow me to change the file permissions either. I can only download them

I am using the ppk file generated from PuTYgen and the pem file from AWS.

Any ideas? I posted a similar question about 4 months ago, but no one answered and I still have not solved it!

Fixed. Do not use Filezilla but use the command prompt sudo nano {filename or dir} Once you change the permissions on the script directory you can then use Filezilla.

You can also edit the .env file this way.

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Yes, I believe all of the Bitnami Cloud images require sudo to manipulate the filesystem of the DreamFactory install. All the files and folders are owned by root.

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