DreamFactory on MAC

when upgraded to 1.8.0, the install breaks the application.

uninstalled and tried it twice - every time after the upgrade, the application stops working

I am using the MAC bitnami install and upgrading from “Config” menu


Can you look inside of your htdocs folder and see if there is a “vendor” directory? Also, please note the owner:group of each folder and attach a screen shot of this.

Thank you,

  • Mark

Hi Mark,
Thank you for your quick response. Please see attached the screenshot of the folder htdocs -> vendor. I am not sure I understand what you mean by owner:group. Did you mean folder information? If so, I have attached the same for the vendor folder. All other folders have the same permission set. If that is not what you had mentioned, please let me know how to check the same.
Thank you
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That is okay on the pic, I’ll shoot you a quick email so you can send it to me in a reply.

The screenshot that I need is for the files within htdocs, not vendor. Before doing screenshot, know that when you go into the folder (htdocs) perform this bash cmd: ls -l

This will list the properties of the folders and files that we’ll need. You will notice the permissions on the far left, then owner:group (this is the owner of the file and the group that it’s in).

Be on the lookout for an email, so that I can get that screenshot.

Thank you.