Custom Script calling get:system/user api crashes swagger & fails


I have a server side script that simply tries to get the ID of a user by querying their email address against the system/user api.

the code simply does this:

var filterdata = {filter:“email=‘’”};
var _result = platform.api.get(“system/user”,filterdata);

This causes Swagger to delay for a few seconds then redraw its screen corrupted.

I’ve even tried removing the query to see if that helps, it doesn’t.

In fact, any call to a “system” api gives this effect, despite them working as api calls in swagger…

I can also call system api calls remotely as well, so theres no problem with the system api calls themselves.
It just seems to be when calling them from a server-side script…

can some give me a pointer here please?

We’re looking into this. Sorry for the delay, we’re way behind and pushing a new release out early Jan. I’ll post here once we know more.

Thanks Ben,

I’ll keep a watch for the new release and hold off with the server-side scripts for now.

Great product by the way.

I’ve already demo’d an app using this for our business and it looks promising.

I need to find out what your support costs will be to present this to senior leadership.



Support plans are at

You can just sign up directly from the website, but email if you have any questions.


Same here.
Any text in Server-Side script, even just a comment, crashes my dsp the same as you described.
Looking forward to the new release, if it fixes the issue :smile:

This issue was confirmed by @rbleeker to be due to V8js missing or improperly installed. See his thread here:

@cardblower if you did not already see that and fix your issue, please post the error(s) from your DSP log files so we can take a closer look.

Sorry this took a little while to reply, been very busy since the Christmas break.
Are the logs you are asking for in the apps/dreamfactory/htdocs/logs folder?

Assuming that’s a Bitnami install from the path you gave, yes that is where the logs should be. web.*.log