Can I install to my windows server? (Not Bitnami, APM already installed)

Hello. I’m novice to DF.

I want install DF to my existed server.
So, I can’t using the bitnami. (APM already installed and path can’t be the root.)
(Bitnami want that install it to different server and must be install DF to root path!)
I spent many time for install but only follow the doc is impossible.

Can I install it?

If you will support doc, I can follow it, but doc content is lacking.
(Funny thing is two : Have no configuration and DB info for manual install, there is no support for V8js library.)
If manual install is difficult, then please remove your doc from your wiki page.


Windows isn’t exactly a server-class environment out of the box, and lacks basic integration of tools like git and Apache, so a manual install in Windows is definitely difficult. But I don’t plan to remove the documentation. I followed that documentation and successfully set up DreamFactory on a Windows machine, so I don’t think it’s quite impossible.

Bitnami does not require that it take over your root path, as far as I know–but that is a question for Bitnami support. Let me know if they tell you differently.

So your two issues are configuring your MySQL DB and compiling and enabling the V8js library, correct? While neither of these is a DreamFactory product, here are some references for you:

Let me know what issues you encounter related to DreamFactory, and I will continue to assist.

I have done some research on my own with Bitnami’s available support documentation and community forum, and it does appear that Bitnami configures DreamFactory to take over your root domain by default. They have several suggestions on how to configure this otherwise in this thread. Again this is not a requirement of DreamFactory, but rather something that Bitnami has configured.

thank you so much… :blush: