Dead slow Bitnami Stack on Windows

I am trying to install the Bitnami DreamFactory 1.7.6-0 stack locally on Windows (tried 7 and 8 so far) but Apache response times get unacceptably slow, I mean 30 seconds slow. I’ve googled around and found that there’s a bug concerning the hosts file (StackOverflow on the subject), but the trick didn’t work for me. When the browser sends a request, it gets “Pending” and “waiting” during most of the delay.

I actually think this problem is with the Bitnami stack, since I’ve got an ordinary Apache install working as expected, and the problem is just with the Bitnami’s Apache.

I have also tried disabling logging as suggested on this forum thread.

Are there any other way to deploy DreamFactory locally on Windows apart from the Bitnami installer? I would definitely give it a try.


This issue has been fixed in our latest release 1.7.8 - otherwise you can go in and edit you common.config.php file within htdocs/config and change all to false if you need a temporary fix until you upgrade. I just recommend waiting for Bitnami to release our new version - then you’ll be good to go.


To answer your last question, yes, you can install directly from github.
Mark, can you give him directions?

1.7.8 has speed improvements for Windows and is out on Github.

No problem - go ahead and head to windows installation link and it should shed a little light on the process. If you have any questions just respond via the forum.


Thank you for your quick feedback.

I have just tried the VirtualBox Bitnami package and it is working normally, so I think I will wait for the 1.7.8 Bitnami release instead of building from source.

I’d do the same, shouldn’t be long now…

  • Mark