Can we use geo queries for mongodb in rest api's


is it possible to utilize geo spatial queries operator of mongodb using rest api in dreamfactory
for e,g
something along the lines of
db.zips.find( { ‘loc’: {$near : [ 47.6, 117.45] } } ).limit(3)

any curl example will be really helpful

It doesn’t look like anyone in the community has tried what you’re trying yet, @ikyaqoob. But please do come back and post your solution once you’re done!

Hi Jeff
DreamFactory is really such an amazing MBAAS
i can access MongoDB using standards swagger generated api’s using SQL type queries
and if I have to use the operators which are native to MongoDB only

guess what , even they can be easily accessed
the main reference that was really helpful was once again

in js api it looks like
window.df.apis.localmongo.getRecordsByPost({table_name: “geotest”,body: {“filter”:{ “loc”: { “$near” : [ 47.6, 117.45] } }

}, crudError

due to the language agnostic design of dreamfactory , i can test my logic using CURL then using live api’s and finally adapt it using the api so it’s a three way treat

thanks once again guys for putting such a fantastic product

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Just wondering how you actually filtered using geo queries. When i try to filter using geo query’s i get:

Failed to filter records from ‘mycollection’.\nMongoCollection::find(): expects parameter 1 to be an array or object, string given

I suspect i’m not passing the filter correctly. This is what i’m passing in the filter input box:

{“loc”:{$near: {$geometry: {type: “Point” ,coordinates: [ 43.89…,-78.97… ]},$maxDistance: 3000,$minDistance: 100}}}

loc is the name of the field that i’m trying to filter on. When i run this in the Mongo Command line i get appropriate results. But i can’t seem to figure out how to do it through DreamFactory. The blog post that you suggested is a little out of date. How can i call the getRecordsByPost() request? Is that a query paramater?

Thanks in advance,


After some further investigation it looks like i was missing quotes. Here’s the working filtered data that i used in the text input of the dreamfactory api docs section:

{“loc”:{"$near": {"$geometry": {“type”: “Point” ,“coordinates”: [ 43.89,-78.97 ]},"$maxDistance": 3000,"$minDistance": 100}}}

This post should help anyone with a similar issue: