How to query and display the mongo data

I am new to Dreamfactory.I have a mongodb database file called ‘share’ in my C:\data\db - path.
I had written the server side script to query the data from the mongodb file.But its not filter the expected result.Here my data…

"_id" : ObjectId(“56ceb4cb59572a040d00002a”),
“name” : “ram”,
“contactinfo” : “12345”,
“email” : ""
"_id" : ObjectId(“56ceb50559572a040d00002b”),
“name” : “test01”,
“contactinfo” : “6789”,
“email” : "",
“amount” : NumberInt(200)
and here my code…
[GET] mongo._table.{table_name}

var filter_data = {"filter": "name="+"test01"};
var request = platform.api.get("share/tbl_users",filter_data);
throw request

Here ‘share’ is my database name and ‘tbl_users’ is my table name.


see documentation here:

Why don’t you add your Mongo DB as a Service and then you can use the Swagger API Docs to evaluate and troubleshoot your filters…?

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Please can you explain with working example.Because i am very new here.

the links I provided are working examples. I recommend consulting the documentation and then clarifying any questions you still have.