CDbException CDbConnection failed to open the DB connection


CDbConnection failed to open the DB connection.

Getting the above exception on pressing the “Launch!” button to access the dsp dashboard. It was working last night before I went to bed and this morning it is not. I did not make any changes


Thank you for reaching out - the Hosted DSP is going through a migration/upgrade phase and will be up shortly.

In the meantime, could you try to create a new DSP to see if this works?


  • Mark

Created new dsp. That is not working either, browser just hangs upon clicking the “Launch!” button. Same with existing dsps now.

Give it a go now, please. Thanks.

  • Mark

For the existing DSP it nows says “Sorry, it appears you have no active applications. Please contact your system administrator” on a pink alert box.

For the new dsp I created to bypass the issue, it asks me to for email/password but does not accept the credentials. When I click on “Forget Password?” button it says “Login Error
No security question found or email confirmation available for this user. Please contact your administrator” on a pink alert box.

It seems like a big issue with my account. Not sure if others are experiencing the same problems

Existing dsp:

New (troubleshooting) dsp:

On the Existing DSP, you’ll need to click on “sign in” - top right-hand corner…

As far as the new one, I would create a new DSP if you’re unable to retrieve your password. You have not been able to login at all, correct? If this is the case, head back to the launchpad and destroy/ create new instance of your DSP.

  • Mark

Any word on when this is going to be resolved? I have the same issue on dsp-fefw, free hosted edition.

Sorry folks, we’re working on upgrading to a bigger db server. This will happen over the weekend.

Hosted system back up and running now.

Hi Ben! I’m having the very same issue currently. I have created another free DSP and it’s giving me the CDbException. Any info on what’s happening? Thank you!

Actually cleaning up some unused databases. Back to full strength shortly.

Thanks for the quick reply! Should this have destroyed any DSPs? For some reason one of my DSP’s has been destroyed…

We ran housekeeping on unused and empty DSPs. Support has handled all requests and inquiries related to the deleted DSPs, and restored a couple upon request. Please contact support ( directly if you believe a hosted DSP was disabled in error.