Change the default URL to DreamFactory Stack In Bitnami!

In this case:I want to use dream factory as my application service ,and there is something I want to show I 'll use the default URL to my main page,like localhost:80,But unfortunately,while I install dream factory module stack,It’s force to use ‘/’ path.not /dreamfactory or some path I can assign,
In bitnami’s wiki(#How_to_change_the_default_URL.3f) ,I could find anything useful,and I tested ,it modified by dream factory module.

IT’S really bad to use default ‘/’ to server application

Is there anyone tell me how to change it manual!

You can edit the apache config to do whatever you want. An easy change is to put DreamFactory on a different port . The port can be changed from the Bitnami Application Manager—>Manage Servers—>Configure.

It works,
but you should reinstall moudel(changed port at this time),sometimes ,change port not work always,especially mysql.