Changing root path of dreamfactory

Hello, after testing locally with Bitnami, I’m trying to install DSP to a test Linux server.
I did solve some config issues but I’m stuck with the root path of DSP which is not the root folder of apache (’/’).

How can I specify or override the root path to DSP in config files and change ‘/’ to ‘/path/to/dreamfactory/platform/web’.

Thanks a lot for your help.

Nevermind. I just saw I’m not using a correct version of PHP. I’ll first try to upgrade PHP and try again.

Check this post: if using Bitnami, you may not be able to prevent it from taking over the root web path to use for DreamFactory. This is not a requirement of DreamFactory, but rather something that Bitnami has configured. You may or may not be able to work with Bitnami configuration and support to achieve a different result.