Connecting Drupal to Dreamfactory Server and MySql


I’ve got a MySql database setup with custom tables on my PC where DF (v2.1.2) and MySql database are installed. I need to post data to those tables based on a transaction from a Drupal CMS.

  • I have a service setup “RU” and can database using the DF API application without issue.
  • I have a role setup “RDS_ALL” with access to the “RU” service, * components and All HTTP transactions.
  • I have an app setup “RDS” with the default role of “RDS_ALL”
  • I have a user setup "" with the RDS_ALL role for the RDS app.

From my Drupal module, I use CURL and call the /api/v2/user/session url on my local server with the user and the password in the body of the POST, and api key in the header and get a session token. This seems to work correctly.

I then take the session token add it to the header and call the /api/v2/ru/_table/tablename to get a list of the rows in the table. The response is “No record(s) detected in request”. the Swagger app clearly returns records with the same request.

What am I doing wrong?

I figured it out. Was not paying attention to the HTTP transaction I was submitting. Was submitting a POST when I should have been using a GET.

Don’t you just hate spending hours looking at something and the answer is right in your face…