Creating services for external Java Functions

I have a collection of services (business logic functions) that go beyond simple CRUD that I would like to expose as DreamFactory REST services. Is there currently support for this, or is there some direction you could provide to me on where to start implementing such logic? This would allow me to make use of all the platform services (security, API hosting, etc…) of DreamFactory without having to re-implement complex business logic that we’ve already developed in Java components.

When you say “a collection of services”, do you mean REST APIs that already exist? If so, you can use DreamFactory to consume these “remote web services” and use all of DreamFactory’s platform services.

Ben, a little reading and looking at your response may be what I’m looking for. Apologize for not diving into the documentation on remote services. The existing services aren’t currently exposed for external calls. Assume I have a classic web application inside a Java container. Interactions are JSP/Servlet to my POJO services. If I want to persist with Java-based component logic, I believe the answer is to expose those components via REST and host them in the Java container (perhaps Jersey as a mechanism to do that). Then as you said, create a remote web service in DreamFactory and configure the params as required. This would also open up the aperture with regards to create DreamFactory proxies to infrastructure services that aren’t natively supported by DreamFactory (e.g, Neo4J/Titan graph databases). I think I know where to go with this. Thanks for the swift response.

Yes, that’s the approach…expose your components via REST and use DreamFactory to consume those APIs.