Server-side script error V8Js.php no such file

Windows 7 x64
Bitnami Wamp Stack 1.8.2

Anytime a server side script fires I get an error
include(V8Js.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory and many more details

I have tested from a clean install to make sure I didn’t mess anything up, can anyone else verify if there is a problem with server-side scripts using bitnami for windows 1.8.2


Hi Dan, have you ensured that V8js is installed in your WAMP stack? See this related post where V8js needed to be installed…

In my Windows Bitnami install, I see php_v8js.dll and php_v8js.pdb under my \php\ext\ directory.


This is this same problem as

Sorry for the double post.

Note that I have closed GitHub issue 63 today. Bitnami does not support addition of modules to Dev versions of its stacks (at this time, nothing 5.5 or later). We have tested adding DSP to a Bitnami WAMP stack version 5.4, and scripting via the existing V8js module works just fine.