How are people managing scripts?

  1. First issues is the when I am in the backend of DreamFactory I really don’t want it to run my pre-process scripts. Is there a switch to by-pass scripts?

  2. I have a common script to change the filter. Am I supposed to upload this common script to the “Files” area? How do I reference it then in my “script.”

  3. Bug? In 2.2 when you get to the table level, the scripts are light yellow anymore that are active.

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1.) No way to bypass only for admin. Scripts are either on or off.
2.) Scripts can be imported from the storage/scripting directory. For example lodash.min.js and underscore-min.js are both included in this folder in the Bitnami distributions. They are used in scripting as per the examples in the wiki – var lodash = require("lodash.min.js");
3.) Yes, this is a bug. It’s under active development.

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  1. How about a global “Turn Scripts Off” switch? That should be trivial.
  2. There were quite a few directories titled “scripting” so documentation was a bit obscure to find this.
  3. ok.