DF stops accepting api requests

Apologies for so much background, I’m trying to provide as much info as possible.

We have df installed on a Windows server 2012 R2, installed using bitmani (with apache):

  • Admin Application Version: 2.1.3
  • DreamFactory Version: 2.1.0

We have configured df to use MS SQL server as the db, the database itself is an azure SQL Server database.

We have a custom server side script to peform deep fetches and a stored procedures to perform deep writes (based on an object graph).

We’re using rest and when to connect to df through javascript

When an initial connection is made to the application, everything works really well. After a short period of usage, calls are “stalling” in the browser as no response is being returned by the server.

We have an incoming message sniffer on the server and once the server “locks up” no additional api based called are appearing in the sniffer.

If apache is restarted, connections can be made for a short period before everything “locks up” again.

Once the server has “locked up”, requests to the df admin console are successful, although this does appear sluggish at times. These df admin console requests are appearing in the sniffer.

We understand that SQL Server isn’t really supported. We’re working on a large project for a customer and we’re really concerned that this issue will prevent us using dream factory for this and future projects.

Any help or pointers would be massively appreciated. I’m new to apache having mainly developed with the MS stack for the last 10 years.


Follow up
After further tests, I got a hunch the issue was with the server side script. To test this, I removed the scripts and replaced them with custom stored procedures.

The “locking up” issue immediately went away.

I saw a post regarding V8 server side scripting not being supported in windows bitnami installs prior to version 2. I was wondering if my issue was badly written scripts or a bug with V8 scripts on windows.

I don’t think the issue relates to my scripts because I emptied them of all code and just got them to return hand cranked json data.

Additional information here would be much appreciated as not having server side scripting would be a real pain.

V8JS can eat up a lot of system resources, especially in Windows. I don’t know the details of your setup or scripts, but I think that could be the problem.
The best info for diagnosis would be to open your browser’s debug console and watch the Network tab while making the various calls in your app – get actual numbers on response times, and what specifically triggers the lock up. That will help identify the issue.

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I’m currently experiencing the same issue with a DF 2.1.2 installation on Windows.

Did you find the cause and a solution to this issue?

I did not find the cause. My solution was not to use server side scripting.

Sorry I can’t be of more help.