FYI: Bad hyperlinks on your website

On your client sdk page
The links for SDK Overview, Angular JS, DMA source code are bad.

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How did you get to that page?

That is a unlisted page, apologies!

The new page is here:

Also, I outlined SDK links in this thread, which I’ll also highlight below:

Long ago we had a JavaScript SDK generated from swagger-js. It was harder to use than just making the API calls yourself. So we moved to sample apps but kept the SDK terminology.

We don’t use the term SDK any more because they aren’t actual SDKs. Sample apps is the preferred nomenclature.

There are three ways to get the SDKs:

  1. Go through the “QuickStart” tab in the DreamFactory Admin Console. This is an introductory tutorial that walks you through creating your first application.

  2. Click to download your preferred SDK in the “API Docs” tab in the DreamFactory Admin Console.

  3. Download your preferred SDK from using the links here.


I see. I just goggled dreamfactory sdks and the first link was Client Sdks. Thanks for letting me know of the new links

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