DSP hangs quite often

Please ignore the below post.
It seems there could be an issue with my internet connection, as my other employees are not facing this issue.

I use DSP for the last 6 months for a mobile app of mine.
The issue I face very frequently is that the requests/responses from the DSP seems to be hanging very often. 2/10 times I see this issue.

To give you a few examples.

  1. Many a times, at the start of the application (I use Angular JS SDK) the api:ready does not get fired.
    On seeing the network calls in the Chrome, I see that one of the api calls is in pending. Sometimes api_docs, and on other times email, and other times my sql(remote SQL DB) service. So there is no service in particular but just that it goes into pending, and then I may have to relaunch the app, or refresh chrome. Sometimes, it repeats, and other times it comes back in a flash.

  2. The other hanging issue I face is when I make getrecords calls to my DB. Sometimes, when I am calling a view from my DB, then the view call never gets completed. and it keeps showing pending. Then I try to again make the call from my app, and sometimes it keeps showing pending and sometimes goes through fine. Nothing consistent.
    And also sometimes, the response comes back after 30-40 seconds as well, whereas otherwise it doesnt even take 2 seconds to return.

I am using PostGreSQL on AMazon RDS to which I connect from my DSP.
Please also note that the tables and views I am mentioning are really small ones. some of them with just 10-15 rows or even less, so query execution can’t be the cause.

The issue also doesn’t seem to be in the DB, as I use PGAdmin to connect to the DB directly, and it doesnt seem to behave like this or show any sort of delay. So things look ok atleast there.

Details that may help:-
I am on DSP 1.7.8 on Bitnami LAMP Stack on AMazon EC2.
I am yet to upgrade to 1.9.1 due to bad experiences in upgrading in the past. So avoiding. But doesnt seem like an issue of upgrade either.

Now, what I am looking for from you experts is a direction into the issue. Since there are so many players involved, I am having no clue what could be the issue:-

  1. My internet connection
  2. DSP
  3. Apache
  4. Amazon EC2
  5. PostGreSQL

So, please let me know if you guys have ever faced any such issue?
Is it that if multiple apps are making request to DSP at the same time, is it bcoz of that that it might be getting hung? But if that is the cause then why this issue remains consistent sometimes even after 3-4 refresh efforts, and then suddenly works ok.

Hmm… I guess too many details given already.
Hope I get some direction into the pending service calls, which lead to api:ready not firing.
And the pending and non-responsive DB calls of Tables and Views towards Amazon RDS PgSQL server.

Help needed is really urgent, as I am soon moving to production with the same DSP, and this erratic behavior makes me really nervous, as it may drive away the clients.

Last but not the least… DSP is an awesome product, and works like a god sent gift to me, as it makes my job so easy. I only hope i can get rid of this evil, which is the only thing which bothers me so much.
Thanks for this awesome Product !.. please stop me from looking for alternatives becuase of this clueless issue, which scares me a lot.

Glad you were able to isolate the issue.