DSP Remote SQL DB went down on Amazon EC2


I use DSP for my mobile APP and my DSP is hosted on Bitnami LAMP stack on Amazon.
Today suddenly I noticed that my Remote SQL stopped working.

Nothing we did. For no reason suddenly it stopped.

I restarted my Apache. Did not help.
I restarted my EC2 instance, and that sorted the issue.

The error I was getting is the very well known DB connection error, which I face on my Locally installed DSP, which I have still not been able to run.

I don’t want this incident to go waste, and want some guidance for the future.
If you can put some light as to what could be the probable error, or if you need some log files etc, please let me know.

I really want to know the cause and remedy so that I can minimize my downtime.

It’s entirely possible something crashed in your LAMP stack. I recommend looking at DSP logs (not likely to be terribly helpful), then Apache logs (where PHP crashes are generally also logged). Apache is likely to provide the most insight.