Extremely Slow Response Time on Each New REST Call (v.1.8.2)

This is happening on my Bitnami Windows installation. The attached pics show 54.3 secs wait time for a first call to e.g. …/rest/myapi/products?app_name=myapp and 2.72 secs for the 2nd and subsequent calls to same URL. The sequence repeats each time I call a new URL on the DSP.

The calls are being made to a RemoteSQL service that resides on the same physical machine as my DSP (i.e. the app and remote MySQL run on ports 80/3306 whilst the DSP runs on ports 8090/3307). Please note up until (fresh) installation of 1.8.2, I was running with this exact same config/ physical machine using 1.6.10 and had no such problems.

Appreciate your guidance to resolve.

Is nobody else having this problem and is it unknown to Dreamfactory support folks? I went through the trouble of setting this up in a Linux box (Oracle VirtualBox) and I’m still having the problem. I would like to know if this is a general problem or if not, guidance on how to localize it.

When we were running v1.6.7 we had a problem where getting the initial session call was slow. This seems to have speeded up in 1.8.0. Will try to test 1.8.2 before we upgrade our production server.

Hi @cmyers, have you made any any data changes in addition to the upgrade? We may need to dig deeper on this one, so I recommend opening a case with support (support@dreamfactory.com).