Hosted Env not working?

since a couple of hours ago I cannot get to the hosted env (, is it experiencing any issue?


Hello @manu,

I have the same problem, i think dreamfactory team shut down the old dsp platform.

I wish they made an announcement about this.

Unfortunately, we have shut down the hosted system located at *
You should have received a notification of this change within the Dashboard application. If you hadn’t logged in to the Dashboard in a while you may have missed this. I do apologize for the inconvenience this causes.

The system running at was the legacy version of our product (1.x)
We have a new cloud based system running the latest version of DreamFactory (2.1) that you can sign up for at
As has always been the case, this system is intended for testing/demo purposes and not for production applications. If you do have need of a DreamFactory instance for production, we ask that you install in your own data center or cloud account. Installation options and instructions can be found on our wiki documentation ( )

Again, I do apologize for any inconvenience this causes.

Hello @drewpearce,

We were using your free cloud platform for our mobile app, but we hadn’t logged for 10 days. We didn’t notice or get an announcement.

We had some users list, if we could export them, it will be better. Anyway, we are installing dreamfactory on our host from now.

Also we have a 1.9x backup package,i think it can not be imported to new 2.x dreamfactory.


thanks for the quick response. Would have been nice to receive an email about this.

But I am happy the new version is now in the hosted env, I look forward to use the new features.
Do you know if it is possible somehow to get a configuration dump from the old environment? It will help with the recreation of some demo’s I am backing up with DF.

Hey guys, I’m checking with our engineering team to see if this is possible. I’ll reply back once I know for sure.

If you’ve been caught unawares by the 1.9 cloud shutdown, send an email to
In your subject line indicate you’re looking for a backup from
and in the body make sure you include your instance name.

Will do that, Thank you Drew!