Error 500 after update to 2.4

Hi guys,

I have updated to the version 2.4.0 and now I get this error when connecting to the Server Side scripts

> [2016-11-21 17:52:13] local.ERROR: exception 'Symfony\Component\Debug\Exception\FatalErrorException' with message 'Undefined class constant 'DreamFactory\Core\User\Resources\Custom::RESOURCE_NAME'' in /home/xxx/rest/vendor/dreamfactory/df-user/src/Services/User.php:127

The Admin view is blank and the APIs are returning a 500 error.

XMLHttpRequest cannot load https://host/api/v2/m1s/_proc/test. No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource. Origin 'http://localhost:803' is therefore not allowed access. The response had HTTP status code 500.

All these errors occurred after the update. Any one else has the same issue?


I have the same error except I have initial installation from github instead of update. Bitnami and docker packages did work, it’s only this full manual install that doesn’t. Current 2.4.1 from github.

Any news on this? Same error here, after upgrading from 2.2.1 to the current (2.4.1) version using git.

@bitperbit @jps which PHP version are you using currently? Let me know, I believe there is fix in df-core repo.

Hi Matt,

This is my PHP version: 5.6.1
I moved the application to a different server on PHP 7 and there it works.

Please let me know if you need additional information

Mine is PHP Version: 5.6.19

@jps @bitperbit This can be fixed by updating df-core.


composer update dreamfactory/df-core


php composer.phar update dreamfactory/df-core

(depending how you’ve installed Composer)

Thanks, that did fix the problem. But another problem cropped up, I’m creating a new post.

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@jps good to hear. Yes please open a separate post regarding your new issue.