Events for remote SQL databases not showing up


I am starting to having fun with this wonderful platform and I wanted to sanitize some output coming from a SELECT of a remote SQL database.
Going to the admin script section, and selecting the API name that represents the remote DB connection, I only see the root path of the db, and no one of its tables, and the only available events is .describe. I was expecting a list of all my tables with the for crud events (select, insert, update, delete) as it happens for the tables of the local DB service.
Am I doing something wrong when setting up the remote SQL db? It’s a MySQL db that actually resides in the same MySQL db of dreamfactory (I am using the remote SQL DB with host set as localhost, is there any other option to connect a local db ?)

Thanks a lot in advance and keep going on this fantastic project.
All the best

Hi, you’re not doing anything wrong. Tables and operations will be exposed in version 1.6, which will ship next week :slight_smile: