External web service & oAuth2.0

Hi all,
I’m searching possibility to integrate Dreamfactory with custom web service using oAuth2.0.

My app’s is Salesforce single visualforce page with JavaScript Dreamfactory API. I need integrate salesforce with many other databases and custom webservices. Dreamfactory seams which I need, but I don’t know how can use oAuth2.0 in the external webservices.
Can you help me and give some advice with example solution.

I found information that some features connected with authorization will be implemented in 2.0 version. Now it is impossible to use oAuth2.0?

Are you wanting to use DreamFactory as the oAuth provider or authenticate into DreamFactory using another oAuth provider?

Ok I got it.
I’m newbie in DreamFactory, but last two days I spend on learning and reading.
I didn’t realized that I must create all new “Service Definition”, which use Swagger language.

I created some webservice definition and I can access to external webservice using oAuth2 - I’m able to get access token.

I suppose, to access external service with dreamfactory, I need create two services. First one - will retrieve access to token. Second - will retrieve data using retrieved token. is it correct? Maybe is some kind of solution to retrieve token and retrieve data using single Dreamfactory service?