Moving a DSP from 1.3.3 to 1.6.1

What is the correct way to migrate a DSP?

I had a DSP running fine on DF1.3.3 on a LAMP Bitnami.

Recently I installed the Bitnami DF stack locally on Windows and performed an upgrade to 1.6.10 by clicking the upgrade button. Except for an occasional “Server returned an unknown error” message dismissable with am OK button click, all seemed to work fine.

I then exported the app from the separate DF1.3.3 and imported into the upgraded 1.6.10 installation. The effect of this is: once I log in now, the config screen does not get displayed so I cannot do anything. The top line menu is visible so I can navigate to “Show apps”, “Change your profile” etc but “Admin Console” refuses to display despite various reboots.

I can perform a totally fresh 1.6.10 installation: not a problem. The key issue is how to migrate the app.

Thank you

We’re looking into it. Will post once we have more info.

Looks like support resolved this for you. Let me know if you need any more help.

I’m still working on this. Platform isn’t getting updated on windows. Only the UI.