Fetch more than 1000 records in one api call

I have made a custom dreamfactory docker setup to work with postgresql . here are details.
DreamFactory Version: 2.14.0
System Database: pgsql
Install Path: /opt/dreamfactory/

I am trying to set the max records returned to 99999 in .env file


but it does not work any suggestions . please help stuck on it for a while . :frowning:

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Hi @regalartech,

After you changed the DB_MAX_RECORDS_RETURNED to 99999, is it uncommented in the .env file ( I am assuming so based on the code snippet you posted, but wanted to make sure). Also, did you clear the cache and config via these commands:

php artisan cache:clear
php artisan config:clear

One last thing to try, try raising the limit on the DB service page to 99999 and saving the service, then refreshing the system cache on the Config tab.