Maximum Records of Cassandra CRUD REST API

Hi everyone,

I’ve been playing with dream factory for a while, I have successfully installed it with Cassandra driver and extension, and it works fine, but there is something really weird and unexplained happening, when I try to get a large number of records, I end up having only 5000 records, I guarantee that I have changed related configuration like limit parameter and DB_MAX_RECORDS_RETURNED and made it 100,000 record. Also this value is set in the service config in dreamdactory services dashboard .

Can anyone suggest what is happening?


hi @musabbairat,

Just to double check, it looks like you have changed the .env value for DB_MAX_RECORDS_RETURNED (and uncommented it, I assume?). Also, I think you mentioned that you also changed it on the service level?


Just want to make sure I understand the issue fully.