Firebird Database

since I could get a connection to Firebird DB working on my own server, I installed DF on an AWS Server. Via SSL I installed Firebird and finally managed to connect to that database in the DF admin console.
Through the API page I can read and write data to the database. But if I select Data and select the firebird service and a table from that service, I see the correct number of entries, because for every entry I see a line, however all lines are blank!? Why is that?
Best Regards

HI @MrSpock,

I would love to take a look and see if I can figure this out for you. Can you provide a bit more context about the environments you are working with?

DF version?
Firebird version?
How did you spin up your DF instance on AWS, Github? Bitnami?
Anything else that would help us recreate your issues?



Hello Erik,

the DF Version is: DreamFactory Version: 2.11.0
Firebird: Firebird/linux AMD64 (access method), version “LI-V2.5.4.26856 Firebird 2.5”
AWS uses Bitnami stack

Best Regards