Community Monthly Digest - July 2016

Hello DreamFactory folks!

Glad to see you here. :slight_smile: Welcome to our July Community digest where we cover the month of June!

Stats of the last 30 days

We’re over 1,000 members on our community forum! 1,126 to be exact.

  • New Users 44 (was 53)
  • Member Level 0 31 new people (was 31)
  • Member level 1 17 new people (was 22)
  • Topics 64 (was 84)
  • Posts 271 (was 249)
  • Topics with no response 27 (was 32)
  • Accepted Solutions 58 (was 44)

We implemented a new Accepted Solutions feature.


Developments and testing

Blog posts, FAQs and Tutorials

Events - We’re in NYC this month! Come say hi

Thanks to all of you!

Want something that I am not reporting on? Reply below and let me know! We’d love to feature more stories and things from the community - we’d love to hear from YOU. (do you like free swag?)