How can I avoid the DSP trys to reach out for the internet

Every once in a while (quite too often IMO), the DSP wants to connect to external addresses (e.g. (Especially, if I access the ‘Users’ menu-item.)

How can I avoid that? I need the backend to work in a LAN w/o Internet-connection. It should be possible to switch these requests off.

CDN’s wont work without internet access, so indeed, these need to check for their dependencies, and if not there, load a local copy.

Github issue created for this:

Great! Thx - much appreciated!


it is unclear how to solve this issue now, a year later.
there’s the static folder that includes the files, but do i need to edit the html/php files myself and redirect?

thank you

This issue was resolved in August 2014.

found the problem:

references font-awsome by:
"@import url(//,700,400italic)"

opened git issue on this


Oh I see. Thank you.

Sorry for my confusion. I thought this was in reference to the DreamFactory 1.x based on the beginning of the thread.