How can I enable load balance for DSP?

Currently my app running a single DSP with a side-by-side mysql server on linux server.

I am trying to set up 2-3 WEB instance for being ready to the large volume api access. I can’t find the document about it.
And can I use a RDS database as first db for DSP setup?

Any comments will be gratefully appreciated.

Putting a load balancer in front of the single DSP would be the best way to go about this.

Nearly any SQL DB may be implemented by editing the native DB connection config in /config/database.config.php. From the comments in that file,

 * If you do not want to use the default MySQL instance, you can override the settings with this template.
 * Copy this file to "config/database.config.php" and change the settings to your liking.
 * Below are the actual default MySQL instance settings

Any valid DB connection may be used, if properly configured, as the primary DSP database.