Is a remote builtin mysql database supported?

I’m trying to move the builtin mysql database to a different server (actually I’m trying to use an already existing instance instead of using the builtin instance). I suppose I need to change the connection string somewhere? Any idea where? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You can configure your DSP to connect to any DB as its system DB service. In /path/to/dsp/platform/config/ you should set your connection string and credentials as desired in database.config.php. If this file does not yet exist, copy config/databases/database.config.php-dist to config/database.config.php and edit that.

Thanks a lot for the quick reply. For everybody having the same problem, keep in mind to flush the browser cache when running another test after you have made modifications. That what happened to me. I had changed the credentials in the right spot but forgot to flush the cache, e.g. my browser session still looked like it wasn’t working while the problem had already been fixed. Working great now.

Thanks again