Multiple Remote DBs on same DSP

I am going to use DSP to connect to multiple Remote DB instances, lets say 10-20.

These will be different client DBs, which my mobile App will be connecting to depending on the App belonging to whichever client.
To keep cost low, I will not be hosting different DSPs, but the same DSP can have multiple Remote DB Services.

Now the issue is that when at the start when my App launches, and till the time “api:ready” is broadcasted (I use AngularJS), I see it loads all the APIs available on the DSP including all the Local DB and Remote DBs, whether or not I need them.

So, my question is based on this issue.

  1. Can’t you restrict this behavior that at the start it does not load all the services, as some of them may belong to different clients?
  2. Also, the above behavior will make the loading time for DSP longer and longer, which will make the delay quite visible for the Mobile internet connection.

Lastly, will there be some negative consequences of having many services in DSP, lets say more than 20. I am not sure with what thought the DSP may have been designed. Or would it more or less depend on my Server configuration and not the DSP as such.

Hey Praveen, I’ll discuss this with the team.

FYI, we’re working on an enterprise add-on console which will enable you to deploy thousands of DSPs on shared server infrastructure. This is something to consider for large workloads, lots of apps, lots of dbs.

Hey Praveen, I’d use ngResource if I were you instead of the SDK with large numbers of db services, but I went ahead and wrote the beginnings of a new angular SDK with build options. I’ve included the angular seed to get you started if you’d like to try it.