How do i change DF_LOG_LEVEL to DEBUG?

I changed DF_LOG_LEVEL to ‘DEBUG’ in apps/dreamfactory/htdocs/.env. But when i check in /system/environment the log_level stays at ‘WARNING’. How to I change so that var_debug is logged in dreamfactory.log file?


Take a look at htdocs/config/df.php. There is the log_level there. Probably this would do the trick.

Thanks for your response. I did already try that also and still is showing level at warning

Your configuration is probably cached. You’ll need to clear the config cache.

in the htdocs folder /path/to/php executable/php artisan config:clear

Before you do this make sure that the app key value in your .env file matches the app key value in bootstratp/cache/config.php
If they don’t match copy the value from config.php to .env

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