How to create Custom portals?

I wish to create a portal to an oauth2 service (the payment services). How do I go about doing this?

Currently we have Facebook OAuth functional, but I do not believe any OAuth2 providers are supported at this time. DSP 2.0 will have simpler OAuth implementation as well as OAuth2 support.

Hey guys, slight clarification. DSP 1.X does support OAuth 2 (e.g. Facebook), but not OAuth1 (e.g. Twitter).

There’s another thread here discussing OAuth, which links to some blog posts Making calls through a facebook portal setup . It’s not easy to use, but that will change when DreamFactory 2.0 ships in a couple of months.

I’ve looked at the php code inside dreamfactory and it looked reasonably easy to add a new oauth2 api, but I havent gotten it to work just yet… I need to code something now, much as I’d like to wait for DSP 2.0 (in a few months, not “early next year”, right? :slight_smile:

Should I be fiddling with the DSP PHP code (I’m a PHP developer) or just code something separate for the oauth2 API ( payment services) for now?

Hi @greywire, the beta for 2.0 is planned for May 2015. In the meantime, if you do need to code something manually, feel free to let us know so our engineers can collaborate with you on contributing to the 1.x open source project. If you would like to get on-board with the 2.0 beta, let us know as well.