How to get CouchDB views through Dreamfactory API?

What is the best way to get a CouchDB API working through Dreamfactory which can access CouchDB views?

It looks like there used to be a way to access CouchDBs (No CouchDB filter parameter); however, it seems this was removed? Is there something I’m missing in the dreamfactory CouchDB API? I also see posts about using a web service as a way of accessing the API: How to read records from couchdb view. I’ve been able to get this to work on a basic level and can get data using curl, but so far it hangs for a long time when requesting any data other than a view. A third option would be to learn server-side-scripting and build my own.

Which of these would be the best route to pursue? Or is there another way I should go? Is it possible to make a modified version of the existing CouchDB API in dreamfactory as a custom service?

Thank you!