No CouchDB filter parameter

Hi there
i’m just starting to play with CoachDB & Dreamfactory,
everything works like a charm,
Connexion, GetRecord, UpdateRecords etc…

in API DOcs, i don’t have Filter parameter for GetRecord on my CouchDB service
is this normal ?

CouchDB doesn’t have a filter language. If you need to use NoSQL with traditional SQL-like filter arguments, I recommend looking into MongoDB.

In CouchDB, filtering is achieved by writing a pre-baked filter in JavaScript that’s stored in a file and called a view. DreamFactory supports calling these views:

As stated in CouchDB’s official wiki, “Views are the primary tool used for querying and reporting on CouchDB documents.” As such they subsume SQL-like concepts such as “filter.”

Here is a link to their docs on the topic, and here is a guide.

Thanks jeffrey
i will have a look at your links.

ps: any idea on new features of 2.0 ?

I’m looking forward to the beta as much as you are. Be sure to sign up. I’m sure not all full features will be included in the beta, but it will at least give you a starting point. If you want more details now on planned features, just contact our sales team.