How to manage Versioning/Releasing?

Is there a best practice regarding how to version/release dreamfactory services?

e.g. I have a my-app service that I want to develop locally and then push to my free hosted * domain for some integration testing. Then, when i’m satisfied with that, i want to push it to a AWS hosted environment. Normally, I would use git or some other repository client to do all the source management.

Piece of cake.

  1. Work locally, using git.
  2. Import from git using the zip url for your repo. If you hover over the download zip button you’ll see it. Something like . Go to the Apps section and use Import App at the top and paste that url in. We are working on the ability to have that be able to update and replace from github for another release.
  3. Test
  4. Deploy to AWS.


Ok, thanks for the info.