Version control

I made a simple API with DreamFactory(installed via the Bitnami installer), and now I would like to be able to work on it on another computer, with other people, and be able to do some versioning. So I would like to upload it to git.

But since everything was created via the Admin console, I am quite lost. Which files should be tracked by git? Where are they? Or is there a different way of solving this problem that I’m not aware of?

Hello @Gudmundur_Stefansson,

You can create multiple roles and work on this in the DreamFactory dashboard. But working in git, where the rest of the project lives, is likely something you may want to do too.


@Gudmundur_Stefansson, you can export your API through the Packages tab. This can be shared with other users, uploaded to git, etc., and imported into other instances of Dreamfactory, thereby containing a copy of all the work you’ve done on your API and shared. In conjunction with Git, you can keep track of the version, etc. This would be useful if other users are developing on separate instances, perhaps.


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