How to setup a query parameter within a Remote Web service?

Trying to setup up access to a remote web service for an SMS API.
the format of the api is as shown below:

What would be the prescribed steps to set up the above API within the remote web service?
How does one specify the query parameters?

Apologies if this seems a fairly simple question to ask in this forum. Any assistance would be appreciated.


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When an error like the one below is received - what does it mean?

“error”: {
“context”: null,
“message”: “Bad request. No token or api key provided.”,
“code”: 400

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the error is because your request without this Api Key in the header or query.
this link is a tutorial to connect a remote web service:



After stumbling around with documentation and a lot of false starts - I finally managed to understand the process.
Thank you a great deal Paulo for taking time to get across - very much appreciated.