How to setup default "db" service in online free trail environment

There is no default local “db” service in 2.0 in online trail environment. I have no resource to install DF2.0 locally and no any remote db service could use. I was running a prototype in 1.9.x online. Now it seems online trail environment does not support 1.9.x anymore. But in DF2.0 there is no default local “db” service, is there a way to create one in online environment?

You could continue to use the 1.x environment at or use any number of free online DB services. The 2.0 sandbox environment will be updated soon to allow you to create SQLite DBs stored in the server’s filesystem.

:grinning: That is a really helpful message! Looking forward to the update of 2.0 sandbox.

SQLite is functional on also, as of this morning. So you can have a local test DB on your 2.0 sandbox instance.

Just had a try. Work perfectly. Thank you :smile:

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