Where is local db service in DF 2.0

There is predefined local db service in DF 1.x. Today I switch to DF2.0, but the local db service is missing. How I can create a local db service as in DF 1.x?

If you install with Bitnami it creates MySQL and MongoDB services for you. If you install yourself, such as from GitHub, no db services are created. The easiest thing to do is to create a new sqlite service. This will create a file under the /storage/databases directory. You just tell it the file name in the service config when you create the service. This feature went to production yesterday so you may need to do a git pull and run composer update.

I just tried it on online (https://dashboard.enterprise.dreamfactory.com/). If I select sqlite service, it will report an error with message “sqlite module not intalled or loaded”.

How can create a default db service online beta?

sqlite support will be available from dashboard.enterprise.dreamfactory.com and Bitnami instances this week. If you need it before then you can install from our dreamfactory repo on GitHub, where it is already available.

Great!. Thanks for your information. By the way, I love the way which is used in DF 1.9.x. There is a predefined db service in the system. Really easy for beginners to start with DF and no need to waste time on creating db service.