Https forward/rewrite

I want that every web adress from browser is forwarded to the https adress even if http was entered. https is working, so I just want to make sure that only https is used from browser at user end. I have tried to edit several http…conf files for the apache installation without luck. I dont know in which order the conf files are processed and where to enter the correct redirect rules in the apache conf files. Can you give me hint where and what to enter in the DSP server config to redirect all http requests to https?

There are no DreamFactory configurations necessary for HTTPS. DreamFactory works natively with both HTTP and HTTPS, and will function over either depending on how the web server calls it.

I recommend you configure Apache to force HTTPS. This is most frequently done in your VirtualHost config. Here is Apache’s documentation on the topic.

Since Apache is not a DreamFactory product, if you encounter issues following their documentation I recommend you contact Apache support.