I have a problem in the install application in dreamhost shared server, anybody can help me?

My problem is that on the shared server can not execute commands with sudo, but after making some modifications to achieve Instlación script that could install the script, but now has an error “CDbConnection failed to open the DB connection.”

The install script assumes a mysql username/password of dsp_user/dsp_user and host of localhost.
Is your database set up this way?


How i change the user, pasa and host? Because muy data is diferent

In your htdocs/config/databases folder there is file called database.config.php-dist

copy it to htdocs/config/ and rename it to database.config.php. Edit the file to reflect your database connection information. Then restart your AMP stack.

TKS a lot.

my install is functional

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May I ask how you manage to install DF on a shared server on Dreamhost? I am trying to achieve it with version 2 but it has been a nightmare, days trying to do it. Thank you.