I have issue with the following custom script with return of "No response Received"

var params, email, resource, result;

var lodash = require(“lodash.min.js”);

if (event.request.method !== “GET”) {
throw(“Only HTTP GET is allowed on this service.”);

// get query params from request
params = event.request.parameters;

resource = event.resource;
if (resource !== “”) {
// check for required params
required = [“email”];
lodash._.each( required, function( element ) {
if (!params.hasOwnProperty(element) || !params[element]) {
throw( “Missing '” + element + “’ in params\n” );
email = params.email;

// filter by email
var params = {
    "filter": "email=" + email

// get matching record from MongoDB service
var result = platform.api.get("mongodb/_table/address_details", params);
return result;


Well, this is kind of vague.

Give more details about what are you trying to do.
Who is calling this custom script and how it’s calling?

PS: Put all code into code tag

I wanted to pull user login status from mongodb table and show its log. But for some reason I’m not able to get any responses :sweat_smile: